Industrial Carbons

As one of the world’s major independent companies specializing in commodity trading and associated logistics, we’re proud to be part of the global economy. Conducting our trading operations day by day around the world, we contribute to the commodity turnover in an efficient, trustworthy and responsible way. We regard the global trade as a beneficial factor and do our best to make it function better.

Thanks to a steady increase in trade volumes achieved in recent years, we became one of only two market players with really worldwide operations.

Although several countries with developed economies act to decrease the share of coal in the energy source mix promoting alternative power supply instead, Industrial Carbons remains loyal to the coal market.

We focus our efforts on introducing advanced origination technologies, streamlining trading flows and applying novel delivery solutions that will enable us to grow volumes and to gain market share in years to come.

Such an approach is at the heart of our strategy developed for each anthracite coal grade, every major point of origin and the most important sales markets worldwide. This way, we strengthen our positions in these markets where we have been serving our clients for decades.

We derive opportunities for future growth from our global sales network and our reputation as a trusted party to the contract. Our standings may change as the trade and pricing patterns evolve. However, the fundamental principles stay the same: our extensive physical presence in major markets is used to provide optimal mediation and logistic services to our customers.

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