Explore what we do:

We buy all types of coal and its surplus materials and sell them to a number of clients in different parts of the world providing them with anthracite coal through our professional supply chain.

Our team makes constant effort to implement the company’s client-centered trading policy based on a close cooperation and the relationships of trust with our business partners and loyal customers. The superb quality of all our products is guaranteed because it is the result of numerous phases of a thorough technical examination they undergo. These are also adequately priced thanks to professional support provided by the Financial Department known for their deep knowledge of the global pricing trends and proven track record of presenting actionable financial recommendations. Serving the businesses of any size located in different parts of the world, we undertake timely and safe delivery of your cargo either by sea or by land at always-affordable freight rates to a variety of destinations.

Operating globally, we appreciate the peculiarities of every market. Our local teams work with our clients directly helping us pinpoint and offer the solutions which would best satisfy their needs as well as minimize risks and maximize opportunities.

The trading operations of our company rely upon a well-developed auxiliary infrastructure which includes refinement, storage, distribution network and marketing support across all the continents. Our partners in physical operations share our commitment to work up to the international standards and we select them based on due diligence procedures, be it ships or land storage facilities.

Why we do it

In order to meet the requirements of our clients for specific carbon grades, we build strong ties of cooperation with our strategic suppliers. We consider it our mission to further develop our business whose core values are environmental safety, product quality, and high productivity, with good reputation and integrity being key to its success.

What we do it for

Putting our clients first enables us to elaborate customized, result-oriented solutions to best suit their needs. For catering them to the highest quality service, we try to understand their vision of what they expect from us as a service provider.

How we do it

We trade in coal and collect surplus materials in compliance with internationally accepted standards of quality and legislative regulations of environmental safety while focusing on the provision of individualized services to our clients in close partnership with our qualified suppliers.